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Once you recognise that you have identified a ‘toxic person’ in your life, you are now ready to handle the situation. Here are 5 ways successful people handle toxic people.

The aim should not be to seek revenge on them, but rather to protect and safeguard you and your interests for your better future.

5 clever ways to handle toxic people


The first really important thing to do is to assess yourself and your own vulnerabilities. Ask yourself, why it is the toxic person wanting to take advantage of me?

What is it about your personal qualities that the toxic person wants to manipulate? Ask yourself, how is the toxic person being able to take advantage of me? Think of ways as to how you can stop them taking advantage of you in the future.

2.Stand Your Ground

Often people agree to things just to try to make the other person or groups of persons happy and to try to ‘fit in’.

If you find yourself always agreeing to a toxic person’s demands, even though you disagree with them, then now is the time to stop. Realise what is important to yourself. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and know when it’s right to say ‘no’. Have self-confidence in your own actions.

3.Be Honest

What an AMAZING! Article tells you exactly to how to get rid of toxic people/removing toxic people/how to deal with toxic people/Handle toxic people/letting go toxic people/ignoring toxic people/avoid,stay away from toxic people/if you want to stay away from negative people check this post. I'm definitely saving this for later.It’s always good to have a reality check. Honesty is always the best and in time will generally prevail. Often toxic people will lie to hide from the truth of a situation.

They may paint you in a bad picture. Refrain from falling into the trap of lying yourself. Set and maintain your own standards and keep to them. It may take some time, but often in time, others will see the truth of the situation, and you will win through.

If the toxic person is in a workplace, keep accurate records of what is said, when and by whom. Back things up with emails. Do not allow the toxic person any room to manipulate and lie about you.

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4.Be Private

Be very careful as to whom you share deep confidences with. Toxic people may well use any knowledge you provide them against you. If in doubt, test the person by telling them a small secret.

See if it is shared with others or others talk negatively about you due to it. Minimise with whom you share sensitive information with. Keep your private life just that – private!

5.Re-Assign Your Positive Energy

What’s the point of spending your time and energy around people who just talk negatively and moan? Have you felt that having spoken to this individual you now just feel low?

Negativity attracts nothing other than negativity. They may even cloud your views. Save your positive energy and time for others who really deserve it and make you feel good about yourself and motivated.

Making yourself less available for a toxic person or where necessary, avoiding them completely, will allow you much more time to spend it positively with others.

Toxic people do not generally add value to your life. It can often be toxic people that make you feel low and depressed. All Relationships & Friendships are different.

But be brave! Recognise who the toxic people in your life are and take positive steps to reduce their impact on you. Even better, where possible, walk away from them out of your life altogether.

Your time and energy is better spent elsewhere with others who make you feel positive and motivated.

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