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Have you ever had a dull, lazy, low and unproductive day? How did it make you feel? We all have had such deflated days like this. But phew! I can’t even remember when I last had such a day. I have worked on my daily habits. Now I always feel great!

Today I am going to share my daily habits that should improve things for you and help make you feel great every day.

5 Daily habits to make you always feel great every day.

daily habits, morning routines, healthy daily habits,  daily habits of successful people, daily routine, /productivity/self-improvement ideas/self care1) Always take breakfast.

Make sure that you have a great breakfast. You could have cereal and perhaps an egg, have a cup of coffee/tea.

The caffeine will also perk you up. Having a great breakfast will sustain you during the morning and energise you.

2) Exercise every morning.

Now that you are awake and full of energy. Go for a run/jog. Alternatively, go for a walk in the park. Do some form of physical exercise.

Your body will naturally release endorphins which reduce your perception of pain and make you feel even more positive.

3) Always dress well and look good

How you look changes how you feel. Have a shower. Feel fresh. Brush your hair and teeth.

Put ‘make-up’ on, dress good, even if you work at home.

4) Set yourself achievable goals for the day.

Now that you are ready to brave the day. Set yourself some achievable goals to reach today.

Maybe it’s cooking the family meal; doing that overdue DIY. Whatever it is, work on your schedule as planned. Make the goals fun and realistic.

5) Learn to reward yourself

Every time that you reach your goal make sure that you give yourself a treat that day. Give yourself some self-care.

The more the goals you reach, the bigger the rewards. If you love chocolate, reward yourself with some.


These daily habits will help you to always feel great every day and also have a super productive day. I’ve tried this approach to my daily routine regularly and have always felt great afterwards! I highly recommend them.

Wrap up of 5 daily habits to always feel great every day

  • Always take breakfast.
  • Exercise in the morning.
  • Always dress well and look good.
  • Set yourself achievable goals for the day.
  • Learn to reward yourself.

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