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So you are missing your ex like crazy? You have never met anyone like them before and want to spend the rest of your life with them? And now they just broke up with you. Below have detailed a step by step guide on how to get your ex back fast. Let’s get on shall we?

Step 1: No Contact

This really is the hardest part, particularly if you have just recently split. But the ‘no contact step’ really does work. In order to get your ex back, your ex is going to need time to ‘miss you’.

You need to stop looking desperate and needy towards your ex. This can only be achieved if you cut all ties for now. Stop phoning, emailing, visiting them completely at this stage unless absolutely necessary (for example where children’s care is involved).

This needs to be for a minimum period of around 4 weeks. This allows time for ‘dust to settle’ and your ex’s opinion of you to improve.

This needs to be for a minimum period of around 4 weeks. This allows time for ‘dust to settle’ and your ex’s opinion of you to improve.

Step Two: Develop ‘The New You.

During the ‘No Contact’ step, this really is the time for you to stand back and reflect on what went wrong before and how you can improve.

Perhaps this may mean that you have a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. What was it about you that your ex most disliked? Do not spend too much time on dwelling in self-pity – this will not help get her back and will make you feel even worse.

Instead, use this time wisely: Eat healthily, take regular exercise. Perhaps start that new hobby or sport that you always wanted to? Stop some of those bad habits you have got used to! Most of all look after yourself!

As the days go by and you stick to your new regime, your confidence will grow, you will feel better about yourself and feel much more energised and healthier.

Step Three: First Contact

This post has the best ideas on how to get your ex back tips/ they are Working tips I'm glad I found it. Get your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend back/Relationship advice/ideas/problems. I'm saving this for later.Okay, so it has now been over a month since you last had contact with your ex. How you go about making the first contact with your ex is crucially important. You need to ‘break the ice’.

One way of making the first contact is to write an email of apology. But make sure that it is sincere with you taking responsibility for your behaviour and acknowledging the ways you have hurt your ex.

However, remember that your ex may not be willing to accept your apology. So do not be over expectant on their response.
Another way is to phone them or arrange to see them face-to -face. This way you can pitch their mood as to what you do or do not say.

Step Four: Rebuild the Foundation

Now that you are again communicating with your “ex” take things nice and slow. Rebuild your relationship on a good solid foundation. Take your time. Do not rush things. Allow your partner time to be intrigued about what you are doing. Allow them time to miss you!

Learn to connect and build trust with your ex. Do not slip back into old habits. Gain their confidence that you really have changed positively for the future.

Step Five; Keeping your Ex Permanently

Now that you are back together with your ex, you need to work on maintaining your relationship for good. Do not slip into the rusty ‘old you’.
Be a romantic.

Keep reflecting on the progress of your relationship. Look at ways to help your partner during the day. Minimise those bad habits that annoy your partner.

Most of all do not get lazy and start to coast! Maintain those positive changes that you met while you alone.

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  1. I usually found once I developed the new me I didn’t want them back! Now “thank god for unanswered prayers” is playing in my head!

  2. I just want to know if my ex boyfriend is going to get back together with me before Christmas and New Years and is there some one else that he is dating please help me get us back together before Christmas and new year’s we have been together for 2years and I love him so much

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