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At times you might find that you are feeling low and finding it hard to concentrate. You might feel that you have difficulty remember things. I’ve been there! Here are simple exciting ways to help you improve your memory and well-being that I’ve found to really work!

Simple and Exciting way to improve your memory

improve memory/ improve memory brain/ how to improve your memory/remedies improve memory/ how to remember things fast/ self-improvement/productivity /self care1)         Feed the Brain – Eat Right!

One of the most important ways that you can help to improve your memory is to feed your brain properly.  Always have a good breakfast! Particularly one that contains Eggs. Eggs contain Choline a very important brain nutrient. They also contain a range of proteins, vitamins and Omega-3 necessary for a functioning healthy brain.

Research has shown that Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly important for a healthy brain. They particularly help nerve cells. Fish such as Tuna, Mackerel and Salmon are a great source of Omega-3. Soybeans, walnuts and spinach are also a great way to increase your Omega-3 intake.

Eating more fruits and vegetables, particularly ones such as pomegranates; broccoli; kale; blueberries; tomatoes; avocados and acai berries can help protect your brain cells and often contain high levels of antioxidants necessary to look after your brain.

Drinking green tea which contains super antioxidants may enhance your memory as can grape juice and cranberry juice.

However, having a diet high in saturated fat such as from whole milk, cheese, red meat may reduce your memory and concentration. So remember to eat wisely!

2)         Exercise

Taking regular exercise can help to stimulate nerve cells vitally important in the brain functioning. Regular aerobic exercise (such as running, swimming etc) may also help to increase an area of the brain called the ‘hippocampus’ which is important in learning and verbal memory.

3)         Sleep Well

Sleeping well can enhance your memory whilst a lack of sleep can impair your ability to focus and learn. Whilst you sleep your body recharges and your brain consolidates what has happened during the day. Try to have around 8 hours sleep a night.

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4)         Stimulate the Brain

A great way to improve your memory is to stimulate your brain in the right way. Stop excessively multitasking. This may prevent the brain from storing what you are doing.

Exercising the brain such as playing memory games and crosswords etc can help to stimulate the brain and help improve your memory. Visualise concepts can help to remember things and writing things down will help you store memories.

Another way to remember things is to create Mnemonics. These are where you string a pattern of ideas or letters to help remember something.

Teaching someone else about something is also a great way of helping your brain remember something as well.

5)         Treat your Brain

Eliminate unnecessary stresses. Listen to music and relax. Allow yourself time to Meditate. The brain releases a chemical called Dopamine when it feels rewarded. Dopamine helps you to concentrate, focus and achieve goals. It allows the feeling of euphoria and enjoyment.

Some of these tips to improve your memory work better in certain contexts than others. Some work better for some people. It’s often about trial and error working out which techniques are best for you.

Recap, the 5 tips to improve your memory

  • Feed the brain-eat right
  • Exercise
  • Sleep well
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Treat your brain

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