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I hope that you are enjoying my blog so far! Today I would like to share with you a great way I have discovered for making some extra income online every month.

The method is very simple and 100% legitimate. If you follow the method I am about to explain, you soon could easily be making $250 extra income every month with an App called Swagbucks.

How to make extra money online with Swagbucks


If you are thirsty to earn some extra cash online, then I recommend that you try Swagbucks. This was the first online site I started to use to make money. I am still using it today!  It is not going to make you ‘rich quick’ but it certainly can provide you with a steady stream of extra income if you use Swagbucks properly.

So what is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards program that pays you when you perform certain activities online, such as carrying out searches, shopping, playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, discovering online content, entering competitions and so much more. You are recompensed for your efforts with ‘Swagbucks’ (also known as ‘SB points‘). These SB points can then be redeemed for cash (via Paypal) or redeemed for gift cards with favourite retailers such as Amazon.

Already interested?

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So how can I make Money with Swagbucks?

Now that you are interested in making extra cash with Swagbucks – great!  I am now going to take you through the basic steps for you to start earning with Swagbucks.

Step One – SignUp

In order to earn with Swagbucks, you first need to sign up. This is a very quick and easy process.

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You will also need to verify your email address with Swagbucks.  Once you have signed up and logged into your Swagbucks account the Swagbucks own tutorial will give you an overview as to how to commence earning money.

Step Two – Daily ‘To Do List’

On the left side of your dashboard, you will see your daily ‘To Do List’. If you complete the whole list you are rewarded with bonus SB points. The first one on the list is the ‘daily poll’. This one takes seconds to answer. You are asked to answer just one question each day and awarded with SB points immediately.

Step Three – ‘Search Online’

Swagbucks has its own search engine.  Whilst looking for something online, if you use the Swagbucks search option, from time to time, Swagbucks will randomly reward you with SB ranging from 4SB to 1000SB! Swagbucks even has its own extension button that can be added on to your computer. So if you carry out your day to day search activities online, Swagbucks will reward you for this. From time to time, Swagbucks will also reward you with ‘collector bills’ which are a series of Swagbucks rewards for using their search option.


Step Four – The ‘Swag Button’

This article is AMAZING it has the best steps on how to make extra money online/make extra money at home/make extra money fast/make extra money in college/make extra money paid surveys/make extra money websites/make money doing surveys. I'm definitely pinning this.I recommend that you install the ‘Swag button’ onto your computer as soon you have signed up and logged into your Swagbucks Account. You will normally even get SB points bonus for doing so. On the left side of your dashboard under ‘Quick links’ there is a link that you can use to install the Swag button. Once you have installed the Swag Button, an icon will appear on your web browser. This will let you know if there are coupons or cashback available for you from a particular website, as well as notifying you if there are ‘Swagbucks Codes’ available and much more.

Step Five – It’s Survey time!

If you love answering surveys, Swagbucks is perfect for you! I have found this one of the easiest ways of making literally 1000’s of SB’s! The more surveys you complete the more you earn.  On the left side of your dashboard, if you click on ‘Answer’ link, you will be directed to the Survey Section of Swagbucks. Make sure that you answer questions truthfully and accurately and you can soon be earning Mega SB’s.

Step Six – Swagbucks TV

If you are a TV addict, I recommend that you go to the ‘Watch’ link on the left side of your dashboard. You will be directed to Swagbucks TV where you can watch a series of videos in different categories such as Food, Fashion, Music and travel. You can easily earn up to 100 SB points per day just from a few simple clicks. Swagbucks has up to date and interesting videos for you to watch.

Step Seven – Shopping

If you like shopping online and love to receive discounts/rewards from your favourite stores then don’t delay and start using Swagbucks straight away!  When you shop via Swagbucks you can receive ‘Cash Back’ on your purchases as well as discounts. Swagbucks has hundreds of online stores that you can shop from including many well-known companies such as Amazon. After you have completed your purchase, you will be rewarded with SB points which you can then easily redeem for cash (via Paypal) or store gift cards.

Under the ‘Shop’ section on the left side of your dashboard, there is also a ‘coupon’ section. Here you will be shown a list of deals/codes. Click on these and you can get great deals/discounts on your online shopping.

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Step Eight – Games

If you love playing games, fancy earning SB just for having fun?! On the left side of your dashboard, there is a ‘play’ icon. If you click on this, you will be directed to games that you can play online. You can easily earn 10 SB per day for having a few minutes of fun!

Step Nine – Codes & Competitions – SWAGO


If you love the excitement of competitions then Swagbucks is one you are going to love!  Every day, Swagbucks will normally hide a code. If you find this code and redeem it within the allocated time, you will be reward with SB’s. Sometimes several codes will be released each day and you can earn over 30 SB just for redeeming your Swag Code. If you have the Swag Button installed, you can check to see if there is an available Swag Code.


From time to time Swagbucks will give you details of their ‘SWAGO’ competition. By completing certain specific activities, such as visiting particular online shops or completing online surveys you will complete squares on a board. Once you have completed specific parts of the board or the full board and submitted it, you will be rewarded further SB’s. I have on many occasions earned up to 300 SB just for completing the SWAGO board. It’s fun too!

Team Challenges

Swagbucks will also allow you from time to time enter ‘team challenges’. Once entered, you will be allocated to a specific team. You will be asked to perform various activities such as carrying out surveys, watching tv, or performing searches. You will be rewarded points to your team. If your team wins and you have contributed a minimum threshold, you will be rewarded with even more SB’s.

Step Ten – Emails

Near the top of your Swagbucks dashboard, you will see an ‘inbox’ icon. If you click on it, you should then see a series of emails that you receive into your Swagbucks account. There are often great offers to be had within these emails. So remember to check them regularly!

So how do I redeem my Swagbucks (SB) points?

Once you have built up some SB’s, simply click on the ‘Rewards’ icon on the left side of your dashboard and chose how you wish to redeem your SB’s. You can redeem them for cash via Paypal or for gift cards such as Amazon! Also, check what sales Swagbucks have on if you want your SB’s to go even further! It’s as simple as that!

So who is Swagbucks for?

Swagbucks is a fantastic rewards programme for responsible internet users who love to shop online, enter competitions and regularly browse the internet. Whilst Swagbucks is not going to make you mega ‘rich quick’, it certainly can regularly reward you with real cash just for carrying out your normal day to day activities online. I’ve been using Swagbucks for several years and highly recommend that you sign up!

Sign up for Swagbucks today and receive a welcome bonus of $5 if you use my link.

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