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The other day I discussed ways to make extra money. Today we are looking at best tips we can use to save money. everyday.

What follows are some practical tips that I have found useful, and I currently use to save money every day. Let’s get started on these super smart ways to save money.

Simple ways to save money every day.


Swagbucks is a fantastic website if you wish to both save money and put some cash back into your wallet. Swagbucks gives you points (‘Swagbucks’) for simply completing everyday tasks online. Swagbucks points can then be used to receive gift cards or money directly to you via Paypal. This site also offers you rewards and discounts on purchases with your favourite retailer brands.

Grocery Shopping – ‘online.’

Check out the online facilities some of the bigger grocery stores offer. Many will offer big savings on your first deliveries. Also, you can arrange a delivery time suitable to you, saving you both fuel and time.


Ebates is a super saver website. With over 2000 stores and over 10,000 coupons ready every day to use, this site is a great way to save. They have new amazing deals every day! It’s free to join and use.  Imagine getting up to 40% cash back!!

Sign up to Ebates today through my link and get $10 free!

 Cancel gym membership

A gym membership can often be extremely expensive. Unless you are very disciplined, the Gym membership can be a waste of money. Perhaps go for a run around your local park instead or buy an exercise bike at home.

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Eat at Home

Rather than spending on expensive ‘take-outs’ which can often be high in salt and other unhealthy ingredients, cook at home.

 Carry your own Food & Drink to work

Instead of buying water while traveling to work, instead, simply invest in a water bottle and home water filter and take drinking water with you from home.

Instead of buying ‘take away’ coffee, invest in a ‘thermos flask’, make your own coffee at home and take it with you.

Instead of buying sandwiches at work, prepare your own at home and take them with you.

You will be shocked how much money you can save by taking your own food and drink to work with you.

Grocery Shopping – ‘in store.’

When grocery shopping, always make a list before going shopping. This will help save you from impulse buying and food wastage. Also, when grocery shopping, try and not to shop on an empty stomach. Again, this will help to stop you from impulse buying.

Check out the ‘discounted / clearance’ sections of the store. Often shops will massively discount items that are about to go past their ‘sell-by’ dates. Many of these items, such as meats and bread can be stored in the freezer for several months. Make sure you check the labels! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Buy in Bulk

Often you will find some items are much more economical when bought in bulk.

Check the prices!

Keep a note of the prices of the items you most commonly buy. Check them with other competitor stores! You will be surprised how much you can save by checking out the prices between stores and buying them at the cheaper store.

I also recommend you taking your phone connected to the internet whilst shopping so you can check the prices whilst in the store.

Shop at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime membership is a must have if you are a shopaholic. With Amazon Prime, you will get the same day or next day free delivery of all items. Furthermore, you will also get free Movies / DVDs to watch. Almost 90% of products in discounts are just for Amazon Prime members.

Set up Direct Debit / Credit Card payments

Set up payments for all your monthly commitments with direct debit. This way you will always pay on time and avoid late fee payments. Also, it will help you to budget your month much better.

Set up direct debit payments to your credit card and pay off any amount early to escape paying high interests. You will be shocked how much you might save!

 Inbox dollars

Inbox Dollars is another fantastic website that rewards you with coupons or gifts cards just for searching the web, watching tv, or shopping online. I highly recommend this website. It will save you cash on a monthly basis and will give you some extra cash as well.

Save Energy & Water

Rather than soaking in the bath,  have a shower instead. You will be surprised by the amount of water you save. Water your flowers with a watering can rather than a hose!

Minimize tumble dryer usage. During summer time hang your clothes out on a line to dry. Turn lights off in rooms that you are not using. You will be amazed by the amount of electricity you can save.  If you can, invest in solar power units on your house.

If you want to save money, this article makes it so easy to save money fast/save money monthly, weekly. Also, has details on; save money frugal living/save money tips, tricks, hacks. I'm definitely saving this for future reference.Apply for loyalty cards

Make sure you have applied for loyalty cards in all your favourites stores. This way you will earn points every time you shop and redeem them later in the shop. You could be saving up to 10%.

Making the best Use of APPs

Use Apps like WhatsApp, Skype or even Facebook to make calls and send messages or even making international calls. Many of these services are free to use, and this could save your credit usage every month.

Shop around for Fuel

The price of fuel on forecourts can massively vary. Check the prices of fuel in your local area with a website such as You will be amazed how much you can save without having to drive too far.

I have used all of these saving tips at different times myself. I really recommend them all to you. You will be amazed how much you can save and how much money you can put back into your pocket!

Summary of how to save money from today:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Ebates
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Cancel Gym Membership
  5. Eat at Home
  6. Take your own food and drink to work
  7. Be wise with your grocery shopping in-store
  8. Grocery Shop online
  9. Buy in bulk
  10. Shop at Amazon Prime
  11. Set up Direct Debits
  12. Save Energy and Water
  13. Apply for loyalty cards
  14. Make the best use of APPs
  15. Shop around for fuel.

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