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Do you feel like you really are putting more time and energy into maintaining a friendship than you are receiving? Do you feel that you are constantly being manipulated and that the friendship is not on an equal footing? Is the reality that you are in fact dealing with a ‘toxic person’. Below are 5 common signs of toxic people

5 common habits signs of toxic people

1. Attention Seekers

Commonly, toxic people are attention seekers. They will find ways of making themselves the centre of attention at all costs.

It may be your birthday party or your special occasion, but somehow, the toxic person will make themselves the centrepiece.

Toxic people will often pretend to be helpless and trick people into their web and appear innocent.

2. Manipulators and Liars

Regularly, toxic people will deliberately manipulate your feelings in order to force you to react in a certain way to further their ambitions.

They will often be compulsive liars, not only to others but even to themselves! They will often spend a great deal of effort to convince even themselves that their own lies are genuine.

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Often toxic people will be judgemental and gossip negatively about people behind their backs. They will often reveal their deepest secrets to anyone who is willing to listen.

They are more than happy to air their own dirty laundry in public and be dramatically argumentative in front of an audience.

4.False Pretenders

This article explains exactly how to recognise toxic people/ signs of toxic people/habits of toxic people/negative people/ Very useful post if you want a happier life then read this article. I'm definitely saving this for laterToxic people are regularly bullies. They will offer false kindness and give false compliments. They will often give subtle insults disguised as compliments.

They will not accept blame and will focus on problems rather than solutions. When put on the spot, they will often give vague, misleading, non-committal answers to questions.

5. Narcissists

Have you ever known someone who appears deluded in their own self-worth? Toxic people generally are also narcissists they have an excessive interest in themselves and are emotional manipulators.

They are regularly bullies and will manipulate you into believing that their viewpoint is the only that is right.

I hope that you found this guide useful. Once you have recognised toxic people in your life, you can seek ways to minimise their negative impact in your life.

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